Your website is a vibe.

I'm amazed that we've never met, but Jess somehow created a website that is perfectly me.
Bryce E.

Web Design

When your company needs to be found.

Think of your website as a first impression. 

What do you want people to think, feel, or do after they see it?

Let’s bring that vision to life (online) for your business. 

Email Marketing

When your company needs to grow.

Opt-ins, lead magnets, freebies, funnels: we got ’em.

Nurture your customers, and promote your offers the right way. 

Let’s set up the sign-up forms and get those leads rolling in. 


When your company needs to stand out.

Lack of design skills holding you back from building your dream?  With your inspiration we’ll create a logo and provide your brand a solid identity across social media, marketing materials, and your website. 

Let’s go!

This is

How we do it

First things first-

Know Your Audience

The most important step in creating a website, an email, or a logo is defining your customer base, and crafting a brand that speaks directly to your intended audience. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Marketing Strategy

Creative campaigns include all the front-end copy you need to take your prospects from first click to first appointment. From landing and sales pages to email sequences and brochures— we craft & strategize your copy based on the best strategies that appeal to your intended customers. 

It's not an art, it's a science.

Personality sells.

Your personality and your heart needs to come through in your website and your communications with customers. We write in your voice, and  in a way that connects to the heart of your customers.

 Pro tip: Everything communicates something, so we’ll set clear intentions for what feelings you want your customers to feel & what values your brand represents.

A Word from

Our Clients

Jessica not only got the site done, but she also did it on time, and at a fraction of the cost I was expecting. She had a pleasant attitude and communicated with me whenever I had questions or last-minute suggestions.
My site is beautiful and easy to navigate, and it would not be possible if I had not found her. I highly recommend her service. She’s professional, reliable, honest, and kind. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs an easy, functional, & beautiful website.
C. F. Edwards
Jess is excellent at understanding marketing & copywriting. Everything she has done for me and my clients was just what we needed. She is easy to work with with and delivers professionally and in a very timely manner. Jess has great attention to detail and understands the nuances in tone to get you the perfect written work your company needs. I highly recommend her.
Estephania Papanicolaou
CEO, Lebaron Agency
I am blown away by the quality and the holistic business strategy Jess provides. I love my business but was lost when it came to the tech side of it. I have a great presence online now, and even my own hashtag! She respected my budget and made my brand reflect me perfectly. I feel so much more professional and my clients always compliment me on my website. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your website with Jess.
Amy W.
Massage Therapist
About Us

Vibe Check

A lightworker in the tech world...

You’re amazing at what you do. You help people! 

You have a gift & a purpose to serve others. But, you can’t just do this as a hobby, you have to be paid for the work you do because let’s be honest, that’s just the world we live in.

You need to get the word out about your services, but you don’t want to be “salesy”.

I get it! 

Hi there, I’m Jessica. Founder of Hi Vibe Websites. 

I realized years ago that I am in a unique position; I intimately understand the health & wellness industry because I am a massage therapist, and….I’m super tech-savvy and love love love doing web design & copy writing for health & wellness providers. 

I’ve studied copywriting & marketing strategy under some of the top marketers in the industry such as Alex Cattoni, Tamsin Henderson, Ashlyn Carter, and Neil Patel. 

It’s an honor and a joy to be a bridge for community helpers & healers to reach their business goals. 

You tell me your vision for your website, tell me who your ideal customers are, & I’ll create a website & write for you in a way that connects your heart to the heart of your clients. 

Hi Vibe Web design specializes in websites for energy workers, health & wellness websites, authors, artists, and service providers nationwide. 

The Proof is in the


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